Authentic Japanese dining at Gotenba with a beautiful view on Mt. Fuji

Introduction Our sincere wish to our clients is to spend time with their important person warmly and with full of laughs and smiles. Also we want to make the Japanese cuisine even more enjoyable for the people who you will meet for the first time and also for young families. With that concept in mind, we have prepared the menu and mood carefully, with placing the restaurant to have a stunning view on Mt. Fuji. We are doing our best to bring the fresh and traditional Japanese taste, by choosing all the ingredients very strictly by ourselves, starting from places as Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo and also from all the famous areas across Japan. Enjoy our meals diligently prepared by our best chefs while hearing the story of your precious person, in the afternoon with the view on nature bathing in the sunlight or in the evening with a blurry light of lanterns. Mt.Fuji
Nigirizushi(hand-pressed sushi)
Nigirizushi set Special nigirizushi set Set made from around 9 to 10 pieces of thoroughly prepared and checked nigirizushi. Please enjoy this special set with a special side bowl dish, a chawanmushi (non-sweet egg custard), a miso soup and sweets.
Tempura(deep-fried meal)
Sakura shrimp tempura rice bowl A crispy tempura made by using a real sakura shrimps caught in Suruga Bay and unloaded at Yui Port. Served with a miso soup and Japanese pickles. Tenjū (tempura box) A tempura box with rice, topped with a lot of tempura and our unique rice bowl sauce. Served with a miso soup and Japanese pickles. Tempura set A tempura set made of three shrimps, sakura shrimps tempura, a sillaginoid fish and vegetables. Served with three types of side-dishes, a chawanmushi (non-sweet egg custard), a miso soup and Japanese pickles. Specially selected tempura set. A large set containing a Japanese tiger shrimp, a conger eel and other ingredients. It will satisfy you both with the taste and the volume.
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Unagi (Japanese eel)
Unajū (lunch box with eel) For our eel dishes, we use highest quality unagi caught in Mikawa and Kyushu. Enjoy them with a strongly aromatic Japanese pepper, prepared from large pepper seeds grown in Wakayama at North Kyushu. An eel aromatically grilled and glazed with our special sauce.Served with a kimosui (clear soup with eel guts) and Japanese pickles. Special broiled eel set Recommended for clients who want to enjoy our broiled eel separately from the rice. Served with three types of side-dishes, a chawanmushi (non-sweet egg custard), a kimosui (clear soup with eel guts) and Japanese pickles.
Lunch set (daytime only)Full-courses Kids' menu
Lunch set (daytime only) Set with which you can enjoy many different tastes such as sashimi, grilled, fried, boiled food etc. Served with sweets.On weekdays, we also serve a coffee after the meal. Full-courses We offer full-courses for all kinds of banquets andsocial gatherings, such as celebrations, wakes,parties etc. Since you can enjoy our specialities one by one, you can focus without hurrying on conversations with your guests. Kid's set Set dedicated to our smaller guests. Contains rice mixed with various foods, fried shrimps, a mini-hamburg steak, fried potatoes, a chawanmushi (non-sweet egg custard), a miso soup and sweets.
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Banquets Plate Our banquet service for special occasions, celebrations, wakes etc. served with a famous Japanese hospitality, omotenashi, and for up to 30 guests. Full-courses meal prices start from 5,000 JPY, so we can prepare the dishes according to your wishes and budget. Please contact us to discuss the further details. Regarding the alcohol, besides beer and Japanese sake, we have also in our offer different types of shōchū (Japanese distilled liquor), whisky, umeshu (Japanese liquor made from Japanese apricot) and wine (red and white). Click here to see our tables Click here to see our full-course meals
Lunch Boxes
Inside the restaurant
Counter Water mill We have prepared various seat types for different uses. Tables Mt.Fuji Please spend a relaxing and wonderful time while enjoying the magnificenceof Mt. Fuji. Sunken floor seating Tokkuri Tatami (Japanese-style) We accept banquets up to 30 guests.
Restaurant information

Japanese dining restaurant

630-3, Niihashi, Gotenba, Shizuoka Prefecture

TEL/FAX : 0550-84-0004

Opening hours (Closed on Wednesday)
Monday-Friday  11:30~15:00 (L.O.)
         17:00~21:00 (L.O.)
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
         11:00~21:00 (L.O.)

・By car, from Highway Bus Station Gotenba (1 minute)
・By car, from JR Gotenba station (5 minutes)
・By car, from Fuji cemetery park (15 minutes)
・By car, from Gotenba Premium Outlet (3 minutes)

Restaurant Exterior
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